193 Macbeth

It’s been called “the great Shakespearean play of stage superstition and uncanniness.” It’s also one of Shakespeare’s four major tragedies, and for more than four hundred years it’s proved horrifying to audiences and captivating to scholars. And it’s a perfect play for October, with witches and prophesies, murder and mayhem, and a madly ambitious would-be king and his fiendish paramour. In this special Halloween episode, host Jacke Wilson takes a look at Shakespeare’s Macbeth: its origins, its inspirations, and the moments of what Dr. Johnson called Shakespeare’s “touches of judgment and genius.”

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2 thoughts on “193 Macbeth”

  1. Hi Jacke, discovered your podcast a couple of months ago, very impressed with the quality of your output. I’m a 61 year old graduate in Scottish Literature/Scottish History and very much enjoyed your take on Macbeth. I find the play disturbing in so many ways, Macduffs line ‘All my pretty ones?….’ always affects me deeply. Aside from the overt dramatic moments it is a very entertaining piece, which you illustrated so beautifully in your inimitable style.
    I would like to draw your attention to a recent made for audio recording which I thought was quite brilliantly executed.
    It is so atmospheric, listened to on headphones it illicits furtive looks over the shoulder, looking out for creeping characters and lurking dames and demons. Definitely worth some time spent (avoid being on your own in an ill lit room!) listening. Thank you again for the time and effort you put into entertaining and informing us all. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my beautiful, small, and sometimes flawed country.
    Stephen Potter. Crieff, Scotland.

    1. Dear stephen, thank you so much for this wonderful comment. I’ll check out the audio recording – I’m always in the mood for more Macbeth, and will take precautionary measures (such as turning on a few lamps) to make sure I don’t scare the bejeezus out of myself. Many thanks for reaching out, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the show. Best, Jacke

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