250 The Brothers Karamazov

Responding to a special request from a listener, Jacke discusses Fyodor Dostoevsky, his novel The Brothers Karamazov, and the search for meaning in a meaningless world.

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11 thoughts on “250 The Brothers Karamazov”

  1. What a beautiful episode about human loss and what literature can and can not say in relation to our experience of loss. Also, how do we relate to the loss of someone we don’t know (Rest in Power Michael Brooks)?

  2. Wow. Imagine my good fortune in having just read what is already my favorite novel and searching for a podcast about it and finding this that just came out. Serendipity at its best. I also share your love of the Beatles, and I say this without attempting flattery: you have really created something that impacted me more than anything the Beatles have ever done. I wept. And then I listened again. I am about to start reading this wonderful novel again. Thank you so much for this podcast.

  3. Hi there,

    Just about to finish the book. I want to re experience it through the podcast. But this episode seems to be offline. Any chance to get my hands on it?

    Best lorenz

  4. Hi Jacke, this episode isn’t working, nor is it showing up as a podcast episode on Apple. Can you please fix? Really looking forward to listening to it!

  5. Hi Jacke. I’m new to the podcast and was hoping to listen to this episode. Is there a reason it’s no longer available?

      1. This episode means a lot to me. If it’s okay I would very much like to have it, but respect your wishes if you’d rather not.

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