117 Machiavelli and The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) went from being a little-known functionary to one of the most famous and controversial political theorists of all time. His masterpiece Il Principe (or in English, The Prince) has been read, studied, and argued about for 500 years. “A guidebook for statesmen,” said Benito Mussolini. “A handbook for gangsters,” said Bertrand Russell. Why has The Prince been so successful? What does it say about leadership and the role of government and the governed? And what is its relevance today? Host Jacke Wilson takes a look at the disarmingly straightforward text of The Prince – and the experience of reading it during a turbulent time.

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2 thoughts on “117 Machiavelli and The Prince”

  1. Jacke, this episode on Machiavelli was profoundly stirring, eye opening and in some ways; inspiring. I really appreciate the clear connection of Machiavelli and our current administration as well as all admin around the world. While I don’t want to adapt a paralysing paranoia look on life, government and society, it is somewhat reassuring to have a sense and know of what to look for, listen for and feel. Thank you Jacke.

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