394 Freud and Fiction | PLUS An Assia Wevill Preview


What narrative techniques did Freud borrow and employ? What was the effect? And what did it mean for the literary critics who followed? Following his look at the life and major works of Sigmund Freud, Jacke describes Freud and his followers’ at-times fraught relationship with fiction and fiction writers, with a particularly close look at Freud’s famous work “Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria.” PLUS a preview of our upcoming episodes featuring Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, and Assia Wevill.

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2 thoughts on “394 Freud and Fiction | PLUS An Assia Wevill Preview”

  1. Hi Jacke!

    I discovered the podcast at the beginning of the Covid Inferno. And I was mesmerized. I mean it. God bless you Jacke for your sense and sensibility! As the reader you are. And the podcaster! And for your thoughtfulness, and delicacy, and gentleness, and knowledge, and humor, and patience… You are something, Jacke! Ha, ha.

    My favorite episodes: Brothers Karamasov (you made me tear up) and Faulkner’s Dry September. I also love those episodes with Mikes’ starring, spellbinding appearances, ha! I’m always expecting them. It’s delightful to hear you both bookworms exchanging readings and literary insights, truly. You compose a lovable bookish duet 🙂

    It would be great if you add in your list of future episodes the one and only ground-breaking Louis- Ferdinand Céline, one of my favorite French writers, along with Proust.

    That’s all, dear Jacke. Thanks again.

    All the best,

    Mariano, a moldy, fiftysomething writer, translator and literary teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    1. Thank you! What a nice comment – so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the show. I’ll make sure Mike sees this too. And yes, Céline is on the list – I was planning to do him a few years ago and somehow got sidetracked. I still have all the books! Take care and thanks again!

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